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So I'm officially immunosuppressed. My secondary injection went well and we are already showing signs that my immune system is suppressing. That's exactly what we want, but I forgot a crucial variable when we decided on this endeavor.

I am always in a mild form of upper respiratory infection, and chronic pneumonia and bronchitis is a long term problem for me. I'm also immensely susceptible to whooping cough.

Now, despite my immune system always being in maximum overdrive, I always take at least 5 months to recover from any given URI. Because my immune system is too busy attacking healthy tissue and joints instead of the bad stuff.

But that said, suppressing my immune system will leave me even more vulnerable to those foreign body illnesses than i already am.

Which upon realizing my error in judgement, created an immense fear in me. I'm not willing to die of pneumonia just for clear skin and a mild reduction in inflammation.

But surprisingly my lungs are clearing out now. More than they have in maybe 10 years.

My theory is that since i have so much inflammation in my body from my hyperactive immune system, the lining of my lungs were also inflamed by my own immune systems malfunctions too, and THAT was why i kept getting upper respiratory problems and NOT the other way around. A reduction in the constant inflammation would make it much easier to cough out and clear out all that mucus that has been trapped in there for years.

This is all a theory, but my lungs feel better now than they have in quite a while.

LadyAlyxandrea 8 May 27
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