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This is what I'm battling right now trying to explain to people my body doesn't work the way it looks like it should work.

By Melbates7
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Every single day ?

Where'd the picture go?

@Melbates what picture?

@SallyInStitches almost all my pictures disappeared overnight. This was the first post I saw after getting off work. So, wasn't aware the site was currently suffering a glitch. I can see my pictures in their respective posts again.

@Melbates pretty sure its a glitch. I didn't see any pic at first, then a partial, then came back & it was there. I just thought my brand of dyslexia had taken a new turn (it shows as a visual/comprehension based dyslexia with a multisyllabic name i cannot pronounce nor remember)

@SallyInStitches It wasn't you. It's still kind of glitchy. No issues posting pictures on main page but posting to a group is a multi-step task.


Very familiar.

TaraMarshall Level 7 Apr 3, 2018