Middle of the road politics?

Tribe against tribe has always resulted in the death and destruction of nations! The Romans probably were the most successful at assimilation and achieved it by compromise! Come let us reason together!

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Hi, anarchist looking to understand others better. What do you think the government should be in charge of and why?
Janus819 Feb 3 Feb 3 44
Bought the new Woodward book today. Just settling in to read a few pages.
anonymous Sep 15 Sep 15 11
OMG, an entire state supreme court has been impeached.
Heraclitus Aug 15 Aug 15 44
I think there's factual criticism for both sides of every policy issue. I'm mostly left leaning except gun rights and oppose (edited) most the gun laws I've heard bc it doesn't seem like they'd be effective at reducing gun deaths significantly. ...
educatedredneck July 14 Jul 14 22
Those of you who have joined this group are very welcome to express any thoughts you may have! Please discuss our future and how we may improve it! ?
Theskeptic July 7 Jul 7 66
LABELS are another tool used by political organizations to limit debate within the group! Refuse to accept labeling and you refuse the control device of the politicians! I view the labels of conservative and liberal as decisive and destructive to...
Theskeptic July 7 Jul 7 22
Well, this last week or two has led me to think that middle of the road thinking and or political ideas are sort of hard to come by these days! It seems that the media and the group's they play to are more interested in decisive thinking than ...
Theskeptic July 7 Jul 7 22
How are we defining "middle of the road?" What does that actually mean for people here? For me, that would mean striving to understand those we disagree with. Acknowledging valid points from people we disagree with while criticizing our own ...
educatedredneck July 1 Jul 1 66
Well, there's been lots of folks talking about voting in the midterms in the past few days! That's a good thing in my opinion! 😎. However there's another thing to start thinking on! The ELECTORAL college! Check your state on how they are ...
Theskeptic June 23 Jun 23 22
In order that, government, of the people, for the people, and by the people, should not perish from the earth! ?
Theskeptic June 4 Jun 4 22
POLL Found a new way to raise the interest level of folks in this site! Made a completely unreasonable statement concerning introverts vs extroverts and was pleased to learn the innies were not pleased to be compared with the exties especially when the ...
Theskeptic June 4 Jun 4 11
Not much middle left these days! Everyone seems to be polarized to the left or right! That's gonna tear us to pieces as a people if we don't get some sense and stop the manipulators dividing us! ?
Theskeptic June 2 Jun 2 11
Ever wonder what the IQ's of this countries founders were? And Lincoln, he must have been in mensa, or whatever that smart peoples group is called! I have always admired his speeches and method of getting his points across! One of my favorites in ...
Theskeptic May 27 May 27 00
All right. Voting is over for a bit. Time to take a look at the reasons to vote and the consequences of not participating? Any statements on either subject???
Theskeptic May 26 May 26 55
Memorial day is one of the better results of political ideas! At least the politicians recognized the ones who suffered the consequences of their actions! Please remember our honored dead and those who still serve and protect U.S. This weekend! ...
Theskeptic May 26 May 26 00
Well the intro to the fall has been done! Don't lose hope our enthusiasm, cause it's a long road that has no bends and with the help of Will Rogers, Mark Twain, and me, perhaps we can instill a work ethic and some honesty in those public servants of...
Theskeptic May 23 May 23 00
Not much time left people. Get out there and express your views at the ballot box! That's the only thing that keeps the government in check and assured we are free to think independent thoughts not gov issued garbage! Vote!!?
Theskeptic May 22 May 22 11
Well the season is upon us once again! The flurry of primaries seems to have raised interest in races again! The problem I have is that the choices between a candidate with an R or a D by their name seems to be disturbingly similar in all the ...
Theskeptic May 21 May 21 11
Well we are rapidly approaching the season of the VOTER. Please feel free to express yourself at the ballot box. That is what has and will continue to make the USA the best country in the world. I say vote early and vote often !! ?
Theskeptic May 15 May 15 11
New group "Middle of the road politics? Group"
Theskeptic May 13 May 13 00
I am so tired of the labeling process in our society today. does everyone think that to interact and get along everyone has to be alike. Hell, diversity of thought, race, and even religions are what has built America. Let's all his agree to ...
Theskeptic May 13 May 13 00