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Oh, yes. I've done the chair thing many times!

BestWithoutGods 8 Nov 10
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"Every member a janitor" remember that shit after they fired all the cleaners

I think I must have been out before this move was made, but I did hear about it. Did they hold a lottery on who would scrub the toilets and urinals? Or was it just a "special" calling?

@RussRAB I was out too, but I knew people still in, who simply said no when told by the bishop they had been called by god to personally clean the church toilets etc.
As usual all the work fell on the shoulders of a few willing horses hoping to scrub and dust their way in to the celestial kingdom.

Excommunicated for apostasy in 1989. I don't remember this "every member a janitor" thing.

@BestWithoutGods Around 2009 the church fired the entire maintenance and Janitorial staff and instead sent this letter to all priesthood leaders

Dear Priesthood Leaders,

As “member involvement” in cleaning meetinghouses of the Church continues to expand, the paid custodial force has continued to dwindle. Per direction from the Presiding Bishop, we have reached the time to fully engage church membership in the ongoing weekly cleaning of meetinghouses. The following statements provide the support required to implement this change in policy.
“We are asking Church members to assume a greater responsibility for cleaning and caring for Church meetinghouses.” --Gordon B. Hinckley

“Members of the Church are invited to participate in the cleaning of their buildings in such a way that, by their sacrifiece, they will come to honor and resepect and love those beautiful houses of worship” --Bishop H. David burton

Accordingly, the following changes are to be implemented:

-The ongoing day-to-day cleaning of the meetinghouses will now be the responsibility of members instead of paid custodians.
-The Church will no longer pay employees or contractors to perform day to day meetninghouse cleaning
-Paid meetinghouse custodian positions will be eliminated globally, to be accomplished via a voluntary reduction in force
-The FM Group will continue to provide adequate cleaning supplies to the members, allowing them to perform their cleaning duties
-Clean-up of buildings will now be coordinated through Stake and Ward Physical Facilities Representatives
-The FM Group will continue to perform “deep cleaning” activities not considered to be day to day or weekly cleaning, such as carpet cleaning
This change in policy will be effective July 1, 2010. Thank you so much for your support It is apleasure to work with all of you.


Dear Stake Members,

For several years now, members of the church have been sharing the responsibility of keeping our buildings clean along with professional church maintenance employees. We feel it has been a good experience as we have worked together to keep our houses of worship clean and respectable.

The church has recently made the decision that ALL the cleaning responsibilities will now be done by members of the church. This will free up a significant amount of money to help those in need and will give church members additional opportunities to serve. Specifically this will mean complete cleaning of the restrooms, chapel, gymnasium and periodic deep cleaning assignments. To facilitate this, each building will have laminated cards that will specifically explain each of the cleaning assignments to be completed on Saturday. This work will require a minimum of 20 to 25 people each week. Additionally, there will be a few essential jobs needing to be done on Sunday by the last ward in the building at the end of their block.

A Ward Specialist will be called to supervise and train all ward members in these efforts. We would hope that everyone consider ways they personally can keep the building cleaner. Examples would include: refraining from brining food into the chapel, cleaning up your bench when you leave, making sure your classroom is clean after using it, cleaning up after any auxiliary meetings or family events and, of course, taking your turn on a regular basis to clean on Saturday.

We are blessed with beautiful and sacred buildings. We have an obligation to do our part to keep it clean and to make it a place wherein all will feel comfortable and feel the Sprit in abundance,


@LenHazell53 I'm glad I got out of Moronism before this happened! 🙂

@LenHazell53 Gives new meaning to the title of "ministering angel".


On various levels, they wanted us to accept it all without question or complaint. They also tried to guilt us into doing even more.

RussRAB Level 7 Nov 10, 2019

If there were a god, we could have just prayed and the chairs would arrange themselves. LOL. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

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Posted by BestWithoutGodsOh, yes. I've done the chair thing many times!

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