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Help! I just bought a condo inside a "resort" community on the beach in Ft. Pierce, Fl...and want advice on renting. Should I go with a rental agency? Try to do the paperwork/advertising myself? I'm in the process of fixing it up....just removed the popcorn ceiling and installed ceiling fans. It's close to the beach, several pools, and there's a 9 hole walking only golf course right outside the back door. The agency is offering it at $100 a night (minimum 2 weeks) off season, $180 a night high (winter).

Sorry about the rotated images....not sure how to fix that...I've already asked the #communitysenate about this.

Advice, please?

Robecology 9 July 4
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I personally would use a management company. I wouldnt want to have to keep up on the advertising

Mom3xs1 Level 4 July 15, 2020

I chose a management company. I tried AirBnB...too complicated. Contact Coldwell Banker Paradise Ft. Pierce if interested.


If you want to avoid the cost of the rental agency, I would suggest going with AirBnb. Many people have very good luck with it. Best of luck.

I think I heard from the AC guy servicing the place next door that he's using AirBnB....I might look in to it. Thanks.

Follow up...Air BnB has too many glitches to get signed on! They kept sending me codes..then asking for a FB log in...I gave up. They're not well organized in the internet setup....

Follow up...I got folks angry with me...I made too low a rental price offer and got dozens interested...had to back out of the deal! I signed up with. If interested I'll show it to you if/when you come over's to agent contact # (Sharon, Coldwell Banker paradise rentals 772-489-6100