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Tagging along with @mojodave
Southern nationalists are meeting here in my town. I think its today the meeting

Zoohome 8 Aug 10
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We weren't going to the meeting! 😱 Our comments were tagging along together.

MojoDave Level 9 Aug 24, 2019

Stay home their poison is contagious you could both get hurt

bobwjr Level 9 Aug 10, 2019

I agree. No worries. I'm home with my pooches


Pls stay home . This is umbeliavable 🙁 That's scary .

Pralina1 Level 8 Aug 10, 2019

I will friend. I'm working on pressure washing my carport and hanging out with my doggies. I don't want to check it out, that's the police's job. 😉


The other day I saw a white power hand sign on a trailer hitch, later on that same day the shootings happened in El Paso.
Sometimes it feels like we are all totally powerless against this insanity. However, what helps me is that I try to balance out the evil by doing something good on those days.

Hastur Level 8 Aug 10, 2019

Totally agree. I'm actually leaning to not caring what people believe as long as they are feeling complete with themselves. That said, meaning not bothering others in all sorts of ways.

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