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Do you often hear the term "common sense"? I do. Many people are fond of using the phrase. Usually in a way derogatory towards others such as a person lacks common sense. The term I never hear is "common knowledge". What would pass for common knowledge in the world today is pathetic at best. Without knowledge what usefulness does common sense provide? In my opinion if you have 1 without the other the results of that thinking is likely going to result in erroneous conclusions. Using both knowledge and common sense together provides good results in most cases.

FvckY0u 8 Mar 27
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Common sense is knowledge, self learned eg a toddler will try and touch fire and get burnt. They learn new knowledge ie fires are hot. Later in life, you know not to play with fire, termed common sense. I think common comes from common experiences shared by most people eg most people experience learning fires are hot from getting heat pain experimenting when very young.
Another example, in Australia we have a lot of surf. We think it is common sense not to go out when treacherous because we learn growing up it can be f'n dangerous. Many, many visitors get into trouble and the Aussies say "Look at those twats going out in those conditions, no common sense". The knowledge of the dangers of surf is not common from where they are from.
PS In the Australian Army, we referred to it as "common dog fuck".

puff Level 8 Mar 27, 2023

I would throw the ability for critical thought in there as well.

Sticks48 Level 9 Mar 27, 2023

Common sense come from within and the real life experiences of the consequences of actions.

Common knowledge used to be a thing, but more often than not nowadays it's common misinformation battling real credible information. We can not expect that our peers actually share the same "common knowledge" we have.

We have so many caring people duped by misinformation funded by dark money and the consumers of this misinformation and disinformation never know they have been duped. It's sad and harmful.

The "common knowledge" category is exactly what the mythinformation peddlers seek to infiltrate.

Julie808 Level 8 Mar 27, 2023

Why did I think of Mike Tyson when I read "mythinformation" 😀


kinda..., but lack of knowledge isn't a flaw in our nature, but lack of true logic and sense IS...!
consider our mind as a function; then Knowledge is the Input and our Sense is the Logic and Analyzer, which provides the Output.
common sense refers to sanity, logic and rational manner.
btw, out of the math and science world, we don't have a common knowledge, Usually, experiences, feelings, and fragments of facts are the main factors to lead us. and that's why we need common sense to understand each other and keep our bonds.

Diaco Level 7 Mar 27, 2023
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