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I believe humans are naturally sexually promiscuous and perhaps bisexual, tho typically indoctrinated against both since an early age. If I am right, bonobos are likely a living example of early human cultures...

MoonTigerII 7 June 29
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Some Humans do that too, even today. Been involved with various social environments that support it. We are essentially Pan-sexual.

Francool Level 5 July 1, 2019

Whatever! As long as you have "It" in hand, you will be happy 🙂


Aren't the Bonobos the ones being slaughtered somewhere so developers can go in, pave the jungle and put in a mall? So tell me, who are the advanced ones?


I'll have to look this one up. Never heard of this group before. ☝️

Pygmy chimps, Pan paniscus, which kinda translates into, 'horny little furry fuckers.'


It might be that humans lived that way too according a book called Saharasia. The book claims things changed after an ecological disaster about 6000 years ago.

brentan Level 8 June 29, 2019


bobwjr Level 9 June 29, 2019

We already had this a few days ago.

Oops... Too many drugs for too many years!

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