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Most climate change deniers have morphed from denying that climate change is even happening to denying that human fossil fuel activity really has much of anything, if anything, to do with it. But even stranger, they say this as if it is somehow comforting. They don't seem to realize, or perhaps don't admit, that if this WERE true that would mean that our future would morph from gloom to doom. It would mean that there is absolutely nothing we can do to curb global warming and so it will become runaway global warming and our descendents are all going to fry to a crisp, assuming they don't drown first. How can they speak of uncontrollable global warming as a comforting relief and then go back sitting in their easy chair watching Fox news?

Heraclitus 8 Sep 29
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Reality is probably only for the stout HEARTED.
No shovingour heads in sand -if we care about Humanity.

BBJong Level 7 Oct 8, 2019

Accepting it as inevitable enables them to absolve themselves of the duty of doing something about it. It's no worse than environmentalists who wring their hands over it, yet still maintain their comfortable lifestyles because they refuse to give up their phones, cars, holidays abroad adherence to changing their wardrobe every season, air conditioning, etc.

That is rank hypocrisy, much in the same way that Greta Thunberg is for her endless train journeys to protest marches, or sailing to New York in a luxury yacht (the building of which directly contributes to climate change).

She moans that her childhood was taken away, when she is pretty much an adult now and her life has been a comfortable one that has contributed to climate change. My generation's childhood was taken away from them by the fear of the Bomb and previous generations lost theirs in World Wars. That's true loss.

Anyone who is not prepared to give up their everyday comforts have no right to complain about climate change, because they are contributing to it. It's actions that count, not mere words.

Magister Level 5 Oct 5, 2019

Those who are extremely liable for global warming and associates , for their action of business is raising voice in this tune.

allmighty Level 6 Sep 29, 2019

There was actually a post not too long ago on Agnostic. It basically said there is nothing we can do about global warming, so we're going to have to adapt to the change.

I reponded, as well as others, negatively.

I have thought about this for awhile. It is clear that petroleum industry is fuelling this ideas and others like them. (Pun not intended.). I suspect the petroleum industry knows it's days are numbered if population comes to the understanding there is a real and urgent problem. This is the start of chapter two in their global warming defense. Included in this chapter, is that many of these corporations are starting to get into wind energy and are down playing solar.

Heathenman Level 7 Sep 29, 2019

" How can they speak of uncontrollable global warming as a comforting relief and then go back sitting in their easy chair watching Fox news?"


Greed is the perfect addiction.

Far better than drugs.
Nothing to smoke/snort/shoot....
and you often don't risk your own money if you're clever.
In fact; your family loves your addiction.

...but it is an addiction.

Withdrawal symptoms....nervous cigarette smoking....suicide....see-through lying.....the addict pays dearly if the investments fail.

So because they have a lot to lose; they will lie. They will cheat. They will distort the facts. They will deny the evidence.

Sound familiar? Big Tobacco (BT) did the same thing...stalled the facts for decades. Remember these?

Well; the Fossil fuel consortium (the FFC) is many times bigger than BT.

Expect decades of denial....like this;

Robecology Level 8 Sep 29, 2019

And you probably wonder why some of us have little optimism about the situation. The house is on fire and the firefighters are being kept from responding. I feel powerless. Writing letters and demonstrating have had zero effect. I am 70 years old, with no resources to make a difference, beyond my own personal environment.

It's rather like the Luddites, who tried to stop the progress of innovations in work that threatened their jobs, they failed and here we are. Their direct action was to no avail, the establishment would not allow tha to happen, not when so many in it stood to gain financially from it. Plus ca change.


Republican bubble truth not allowed nor science

bobwjr Level 9 Sep 29, 2019

They do not care about the future - only about the present. Most of them are 50 or older, so they know that they will be dead when the situation turns really ugly (2050 and following).
Their only motivation for denying human-made climate change is: they do not want to change their way of life. They want to keep earting as much meat as they like, driving SUVs, taking the plane on vacation and so on...

Matias Level 8 Sep 29, 2019

Actually, many of them are Christian and feel comfort knowing they will be going to heaven or that God will save the earth. Either way... no need to worry.

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