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Came across this today on a friends FB page . It intrigued me and got me thinking about Self -Motivation for some reason. The label I reckon needs to be there as a point of perspective. Get past the few labels and this may be something to consider .

Outsideit67 7 Nov 25
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many people think of what some call god, as the energy of the universe and that includes everything, living and non living.


OK, but what if this consciousness that you propose is nothing other than Nature itself, that Nature itself has an innate consciousness itself that we have failed to recognize. What need is there then for God or even to refer to this innate consciousness as God? The term "God" implies something that we worship. There is no need to worship Nature, just to recognize it for what it is: the life force of the Universe that may have some sort of innate consciousness.

Heraclitus Level 8 Nov 25, 2019

I am totally open to that perspective as I made sure to say “ get past the labels and this is something perhaps to look at” . It seems as though whoever proposed this statement was attempting to””do likewise. Tthe reference to spiritual vs. religious was not appealing to me neither, since it alludes to fragmentation / division which is directly responsible for conflict . It seems as though nature would be included within this statement as well. In many regards because we have become more technologically dependent and have loss the awareness of nature you have a strong point . I was asking : what drives me , why does it come and go beside the fact that ego is with me ? I saw this , I speculated on staying present as much as I can . We tend to resort to old patterns when in ego , and when was looking at this , I was definitely present.


I have thought about this for years. Maybe it's why I call myself Apatheist rather than Atheist. I think there is something that connects us, but have never had a name for it. I'm not comfortable calling it god, too many connotations to that label, but the idea of a common conscious Energy is closer to my concept.

I agree with that ( not calling it god ) just having awareness would seem to be sufficient, stay in a constant state of awareness would perhaps be more desirable than haggling with the Ego, that was what was present as well as I considered this .



bobwjr Level 9 Nov 25, 2019

Very interesting...

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