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The facts speak for themselves

ADKSparky 7 Dec 9
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Ok, Sparky, except what’s your evidence that the universe is expanding?
In the 1920s a Catholic priest wanted to support the Genesis story. His fraudulent use of math gave Xian fundamentalists a Creation story. Many astronomers disagreed but wanted to do astronomy, not political combat with xians.
I read your bio. At 89, dammit, I no longer hike Arizona’s Grand Canyon or Superstition Mtns near Phoenix.

yvilletom Level 7 Dec 19, 2019

You can read about it here. []

@ADKSparky I read about it there but Wikipedia is not evidence.
Read Wikipedia’s article on the June 1976 murder of investigative reporter Don Bolles in Phoenix. I was there when it happened and several years ago added a few lines on what an attorney said about the case. Do you have any reason to believe what I added?

@yvilletom I'm not going to do your research for you. There are lots of links in Wiki you can click on to find original sources.

@yvilletom About
Sea-Lioning is an Internet slang term referring to intrusive attempts at engaging an unwilling debate opponent by feigning civility and incessantly requesting evidence to back up their claims. The term was coined in September 2014 by anti-GamerGate Internet users to mock perceived online discussion tactics employed by GamerGate supporters.

@ADKSparky In the 1950s and early 1960s I studied and taught physics in college and studied more of it in graduate school. I’ve now been studying astrophysics since 2010.
I don’t want to engage you in debate and I’m not incessantly requesting evidence. I am saying the expanding universe item is not science and doesn’t belong in your list.


Unfortunately, we seem to be living in a post-truth world.

So sad. 😥

We have always lived in a post-truth world. The Bible was published long before Trump became president.


It's weird how people don't understand simple stuff

It's generally willful ignorance, encouraged and enabled by unscrupulous people with twisted religious and political agendas.