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This morning's superstar!

By AmiSue8
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Lovely! Such vibrant colours .....

Brunnion Level 7 June 24, 2018

Is it an Asiatic lily? Spectacular colour! Asiatics usually bloom a little ahead of the Oriental lilies ... my Orientals are in bud right now

dede18 Level 7 June 23, 2018

My organic cotton bloomed overnight. It's a full month ahead of all of the commercial cotton, including that on my own family farm.

farmboy2017 Level 7 June 23, 2018

You're really proud of that cotton plant eh Fb smile002.gif


Such Bright Beautiful color.

Sheannutt Level 9 June 23, 2018

That's gorgeous.
Non-Gardners just don't understand the joy of walking outside and seeing something like this that wasn't blooming yesterday. The Planet is alive!

bigpawbullets Level 8 June 23, 2018

Definitely a star...well done!

MissKathleen Level 9 June 23, 2018

That's like a firework exploding. It knows it's a diva!

Ellatynemouth Level 8 June 23, 2018


Alvingo1 Level 7 June 23, 2018

Very pretty!! Nice start to the day!

HippieChick58 Level 9 June 23, 2018
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