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The Winter Aconites, Eranthus hyemalis, are out with us now, they are no relative of the true Aconites, its a very silly name. They flower despite hard frosts and snow and can carpet huge areas.

Fernapple 8 Jan 20
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the flowers also strongly remind me of Buttercup flowers, so I looked it up and indeed, both are in the Ranunculi family. How cheerful their color is when all else is gray!

dede18 Level 8 Jan 20, 2020

Rather like Hellebores. Nice!


So beautiful , especially when most other flowers aren't blooming .

Cast1es Level 8 Jan 20, 2020

A sight for weary eyes! It is So Grey here now, and will be for 3 more months. I have snowdrops, but really, white on grey?

@AnneWimsey Where you can grow snowdrops you can probably grow Erathus too. They like much the same conditions and are happy growing together.

@Fernapple plant in the fall like tulips? I have lived here 40++ years, most seed/bulb companies no longer send me stuff (miss those catalogs!!!) I suppose under the impression I am "full up"....putting in one tiny order would fix that, I bet......