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Investing can include a lot of things , other than the stock market . What have your best investments been ?

Cast1es 9 Jan 31
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Since the war in Ukraine has begun, everyone is keen on the idea of investing money. Many people are afraid of currency devaluation and inflation. In fact, money investment is a usual process that we do daily, but in smaller proportions. Food, books, or fuel are sort of daily investments for a more qualitative life. Investments of higher proportions are real estate, stock markets, cars, lands, and businesses. In the last months, many companies that report business credit started to sell their own stocks. The reasons for such speculative selling are unknown. We, simple people, can only guess what is happening above us.
Even if I'm afraid to lose my money, I'm skeptical about investments in these unpredictable times.

Pofet Level 1 July 13, 2022

I'm the guy who believes in real-estate investments. Estate is the most old-school choice to invest in, which has proven its value over time.

I likewiae invested in real estate . I'm tired of tenents who feel they should rent for less than the actualy monghly cost , don't pay their monthly rent and , mess up the place .

It's also crucial to have some basic knowledge of finances and be acquainted with the gist of net worth [] . It's not reasonable to invest the whole capital in real estate. It's worth putting apart some savings as cash with little or no loss of value in case of an emergency. Honestly, regardless of the crypto-money revolution, I don't believe in it. We'll see what's what as time goes on. Cheers!


I have been real successful in the the crypto space. It's probably hard to believe after the crash this year.

MrChange Level 7 July 5, 2022

This is true; very few people think about debt reduction. Especially when it is the case with mortgages. I feel like this is the best investment you could make because it will guarantee you freedom from debt. Unfortunately, people don't have the experience and the knowledge about mortgages from the start. Still, they could take advice from a reliable specialist in this domain, like Mortgage Advice Bristol. It is always better to pay a broker for help in such a situation, but be attentive. They don't take responsibility for your money and time. So, trust yourself first.

When I could afford to do it , I began doubling up on my mortgauge payments . It's extremely easy . In the early stages , most of your payment is interest and very little is principle . For instance , your monthly payment may be $900 , but you may be paying $899.95 interestand only $0.05 principle in the beginning and it changes by a bout a penny each month . Tha changing amount is very easy to double up on in the beginning and as your situation improves , you can even keep up with that .

The question of why to invest in various financial assets often arises in people who are just beginning to become interested in making passive income. One could say that this skill belongs to the required skills of a person who wants to come to success, just as one used to need to be able to speak French or ride a horse. Another thing is that the vast majority of people spend almost all of their money on daily expenses - food, clothes, rent, and often credit. This is a kind of dependence on the bank, the state, and the place of work. And professionalism in this or that field is not yet a guarantee of good profits. Do many people wonder how to live off dividends? It's simple; you invest in your youth so that you can live well into your old age. This is probably the right investment.


Few people think about debt reduction. Those that do know to pay off higher interest with lower interest charges. But always pay the minimum & on time. A low credit score means you are a higher risk & pay more for any loans. I suggest everyone open all of their standard credit card offers. I once opened an offer of no fee, no interest loan , for one year. I maxed that baby out & paid off multiple loans, boosting my credit score, with free money for a year. So peruse your standard mail. 'Ya never know what's in there.

Mooolah Level 8 Feb 2, 2022

Paying down (off) high interest rate loans , saves you lots of money . Personally , I have only one credit card , which I pay off completely in full , and on time , every month . My goal is to pay absolutely no interest .


Magic the Gathering cards, especially the reserve list cards. Dual lands, which are reserved cards, have outperformed the stock market every year for over a decade at least.

My daughter had many of those and I got her plastic pocket pages to keep them new looking . Wonder what she did with them ?

@Cast1es I buy collections if she still has them.

@JeffMurray Will let her know , if she ever decides to talk with any family members again .


Sandsculptures and Tiny houses. And artist animation and natural food business with my daughter.

it's more about time in Loving what you do, rather than about money. Money comes, when you love what you do


15% interest on long term CDs were very nice.
Dividend paying stocks
Real estate purchased during the downturns have been profitable.
$9.00 silver sold for $26.00 an oz
A spouse who left me a nice cushion
My dogs who gave me an incalculable amount of love.
Preparation + opportunity = success.
When the opportunity does not present., prepare for when it does.
Learn & read & study. Assuming one has enough years in which to do that.
Start young & reap rewards.
But remember to diversify. Aggressive while young. Moderate when an elder.
And bulls make money, bears make money. Pigs are slaughtered.

Mooolah Level 8 Jan 31, 2022

Well thought out !

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Posted by Cast1esReal estate can be a good way to invest , even if it's only the home you live in , but sometimes , there are unexpected costs .

Posted by Cast1esReal estate can be a good way to invest , even if it's only the home you live in , but sometimes , there are unexpected costs .

Posted by Cast1esReal estate can be a good way to invest , even if it's only the home you live in , but sometimes , there are unexpected costs .

Posted by Cast1esReal estate can be a good way to invest , even if it's only the home you live in , but sometimes , there are unexpected costs .

Posted by PinkyandtheBrainGood correction. I actually consulted with a lot of people.

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