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We all just gotta go..

Charlene 9 June 26
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I haven't gone to a public pool in ages.


Chlorine v Urine.

Have fun and build up your immunity at the same time!

brentan Level 8 June 26, 2019

Frankly, I'm less concerned about people peeing in the pool (no harmful bacteria in healthy urine, though it's a myth that it's sterile) than I am about the faecal matter coming off people who don't shower properly before getting in. The fact that I'm sharing the water with a whole bunch of human poop teabags is definitely more offputting than the idea that someone might not bother to get out to go for a pee.

Still, that's why they put chemicals in the water: to neutralise both of these issues. Otherwise you'd be swimming in untreated sewage, and stand a very good chance of being ill afterwards.


Which is why I do not go into pools, especially in public venues. (Ack!)


Whenever i go to one of these pools...i always get the feeling that somebody is watching me take my shower...so...i give them a good show, lol.

Someones always watching Bob...always.

@Charlene i hope so...i love being watched!!!

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