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I think most who know me on her know my story. I found out over 3 years ago that I have Type 2 Daibetes. I was 400lbs. I decided to take control of my health with diet and exercise and now I am 280lbs. I would like people to join me here so we can share fresh ideas about being healthy, eating right and exercise. Sometimes we all need emotional support and hopefully we can also find this here as well 🙂

twshield 8 Feb 13
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Hi Guys and Gals,
I have no excuse that I know of, I like my food, though don't eat much, I need more exercise though I get much more than most people my age.
I was a skinny kid, put on weight at 11, lost it at 13, growth spurt etc, put on weight again when I got unhappily married at 21, lost 56 kg ,so say 123 pounds when I left my ex but have put it back on in the last 5-7 years. Hitting about 319 pounds at present, not great. At 193 pounds I am technically underweight, would love to be back around the 200 pound mark, then I was dangerous. Life can suck sometimes, and bad food makes me feel better, but worse is when life sux, I just don't give a toss and really hate physical effort.

Rugglesby Level 8 Mar 7, 2018

Its hard to make good food choices and exercise. The most important thing is to never give u even if you have a setback!


Just joined. Looks like a good place to drop in since I've been "stuck" since Christmas. Might be time to chat with folks who know what that means.

Weight has been a struggle for me since I was young, I was the chubby kid in grade school, one of the "big girls" in high school and overweight to obese most of my adult life. There were times when I lost weight, but like many dieters, it didn't last. in the past 10 years or so I pretty much quit worrying about it, other than an occasional short-lived diet, I've just ate what I wanted and tried not to work my way up too much.

Then, last June I had a bout of Afib one morning. I had been diagnosed with Afib a year and half earlier after being anesthetized for a procedure but it had been pretty minimal for over a year. However, when the June episode happened it lasted for several minutes, causing anxiety but not as much as the first couple episodes. So, instead of panic, I grabbed the Kindle, sat up in bed and started searching "weight loss and Afib".

No shock, it said that weight loss could result in less episodes, less duration so that was when I decided I had to lose weight. Losing weight is often "prescribed" for a variety of problems, my doctor had previously told me that if I lost some weight it could help bring my blood pressure down. I didn't stick with it long though and finally told her to just put me on the drugs to control it. That nasty fluttering sensation in my chest however was convincing.

Between June 12 and mid December I lost 35 lbs but then "holiday eating" grabbed me and has been really hard to throw off. I have managed to pretty much maintain, fluctuating within a 5 pound window since, but no loss beyond day to day drop of 1-2 pounds then the next day might be back up. It isn't all bad, the active losing had pushed my cholesterol numbers up so taking some "stabilizing" time isn't all bad but I have told myself several times that I need to get back on track. I have not had an extended Afib episode since I started dieting but have had some brief ones so would like to lose another 15-20 lbs at least and hope to keep from developing any worse symptoms.

I "know" what I need to do, just have not been able to pull all the ends together to make myself do it. Maybe "hanging out" with people who share this goal will add to my motivation. Worth a try.
Enough of my story for now. Better go check out the Insomniacs group now.

DotLewis Level 7 Mar 7, 2018

You have identified the problem and now you are working to correct it. Keep in mind that it takes time to change a lifestyle. I found out i was diabetic type 2 3 years ago and it took me 2 years to loose 120lbs. There will be good days and bad day just never surrender and give up. It will help your blood pressure and more exercise will make your cholesterol numbers look good.
I don't do Gym memberships. I just simply walk. before i start my rotation at the hospital, i walk one mile. and on weekends, i go to a local park and now i am up to 5 miles. Try going for a walk in the evenings after dinner and you will see a difference.


I was going to start a group like this.. but wa la! Here it is! I used to run marathons and eat what I wanted. I got injured, had to stop running, put weight on, which made running harder, and wa la, put on 100 pounds. I lost thirty of it a few years back. I'd like to lose another 50 or 60. I use my elliptical but struggle with eating better and eating less. I'm hoping to finally do what I have never been able to do before, control my eating habits.

Rudy1962 Level 9 Feb 28, 2018

Welcome and thanks for sharing! Appetite control is hard. I have had so many suggestions like eat more protein, drink water before you eat, and none of that works for me. I spent most of my life over eating until i was miserable, and consuming alot of sugar. I have a true addiction to sweets such as cookies, pie, cake, donuts, etc. I have yet to find anything that controls my appetite so i exercise more to prevent weight gain.

I usually walk a mile M-F every morning before i start my rotation. on the weekends i usually walk 5 miles. I just recently bought a bike and now i take a ride in the evenings through my neighborhood after dinner. I only have 30 lbs to reach my final goal of 250 and then i will work to maintain that. unfortunately i am stuck right now!

@twshield It sounds like we have similar eating habits. I'm really into the sweets also. I once put myself on a 3000 calorie a day diet. People said that was too many calories but I lost 30 pounds in 3 months. However, I always felt deprived. I tell myself it is simple, just don't eat so much, but get that nagging feeling...

@Rudy1962 3000 calories a day is not alot when you are consuming 4-5k a da. it really depends on the person and their eating habits. advice is helpful but what really works for me is really paying attention to what works for me and how my body handles certain foods.


Congrats! I weighed 80ibs more than I do now a year ago but I took control and I'm on my way to my goal.

good for you!

@twshield I just read a news article in the paper a few days ago about all the western world being 'fat or gross'. It centered in on Britain, where it said by the age of 40 75% of Brits would be overweight- most of it caused by binge-drinking. Most of my life I have been active, but I 'decided' to get fat, and make a fool of myself, a few years back. I put the disgusting photo on my bathroom mirror. I have lost 46 pounds since then. I am NO hero; it came off slowly. I did NOT concentrate on being on a "diet". Everybody is on a diet, for what; they don't intend to lose anything! Be ULTRA VICIOUS WITH YOURSELF- enjoy health; enjoy your food. (I am a quasi-vegetarian; I eat some fish) I eat lots of veggies, barely cooked, they taste fantastic and have texture; I eat the correct amount of food; I never starve myself. Be with people who are exercising and are talking about interesting things: hiking, going to an art gallery, whatever. This does not mean that having a working knowledge about nutrition is not important.------I hope that what I said encourages someone who takes some aspects of life seriously.

@Diogenes seems like you are doing the right thing. I always tell people that you must learn your body and figure out what works for you! now that i am more conscious of what my body likes and do not like, i make heathier food choices. I never starve myself, but i broke the cycle of feeling like i needed to over eat or clean the plate. if its protein or vegetables, i clean the plate, but i only aloow myself a small portion of sides and starches. Bravo Sir!

@twshield Hi, I get a laugh ever time I see the advertisement for that exercise machine, probably costs $4,000, "and if a person just uses it for 14 minutes per day, magic will happen". (Ya, sure) If I bought it, I would probably use it wrong; instead of 14 minutes, 13 or 15 minutes. LOL. BIG congrats on your cutting down. At first it is a HUGE amount of effort, don't let anyone lie to you- but the rewards in the end are also HUGE. But normal activity after awhile, just becomes "normal". My uncle had his leg amputated because of diabetes- and this was caused by his lifestyle. When I don't opiate myself with food, I feel restless, like I want to run around the block 50 times- the way I 'want' to feel- a much better feeling than being a bear that gorges itself then hibernates for a large portion of the winter.----Yes, and also remember there is a bit of loneliness when you step out of the fat crowd; you may have to find different acquaintances that value a positive lifestyle.---Hope I don't sound like a preacher. LOL God-dude doesn't want me on his side.

@Diogenes i agree with you that a lot of the exercise equipment is a waste. for me i would not be consistent with a gym membership and they have all the equipment! Its true when they say diet and exercise works. i finally realize that i can eat what ever i want but i have to burn it off or it will store as fat. for me simple fast pace walking is how i lost weight.

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