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30 June 2019 - Diet Diary - Nothing impressive today, hot again so stayed in, digging through some excess, checking to see if it "gave me joy". Lot of stuff that mostly gives me a pain. Why is it so hard to toss out?

Pretty good day, eating wise. Had my first ear of corn for the year. It was just right, sweet enough and tender. Don't eat a lot of them but always like having 3-4 during the summer. My summer weakness is watermelon. I could eat watermelon every day, I think. It might get old if I tried but I sure do enjoy cold, sweet watermelon. Bought one yesterday, didn't cut it today but probably will tomorrow. Intake of 1100 today.

DotLewis 7 July 1
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I reached back down to my pre-binge-vacation weight...Now I'm trying to get past that plateau.

I know the 4th party that I'm attending will be a feast...so let's hope I avoid the carbs and overeating?

But the following weekend I'll recover...

Robecology Level 8 July 1, 2019

Enjoy your watermelon - it's no higher in calories than other fruit and you need fruit in your diet. The heat is really wearing me out here. There was a wildfire just five miles up the road over the weekend so we have to be on the alert, but it looks as if temperatures should go down a little this week. I am so looking forward to my holidays.

CeliaVL Level 7 July 1, 2019