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I'm terrible at math, but even I can point out what's wrong here.

Kynlei 8 July 12
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You cannot expect simple math in complex times such as these.

Vandanaz Level 4 July 13, 2020

It seems that at the moment USA is running in bronze position behind gold for Britain and France's silver. However France has leveled off & Britain is running out of steam whilst USA continues to acelerate currently doing a very tidy 400 deaths per million of population. Brazil However has not yet got into its stride and may well overtake USA before it gets in the #1 spot.


FrayedBear Level 9 July 12, 2020

Explaining and defending that guy's statements has gotta be one of the worst jobs in the world.

Hastur Level 8 July 12, 2020

To be fair my understanding is fatality rate is between 1 and 2% somewhere from the more recent reports out of Europe. The graph can be explained by death stats are far more accurate than those infected as we only know infection through testing. I have seen reports that real number of cases could be up to 10x the number of those returning positive tests. The thing is though as potus, Trump should act more presidential and not promote his own take on things without solid reasoning and by listening to advisors, specialists in their field.........which we will never get from Trump. Rather than "harmless", non fatal may be a better term.
Statistics damn statistics.

powder Level 8 July 12, 2020


@FrayedBear quote one:
" Daily confirmed COVID-19 deaths per million people, Jul 13, 2020
Limited testing and challenges in the attribution of the cause of death means that the number of confirmed deaths may not be an accurate count of the true number of deaths from COVID-19."

quote 2:
"What we want to know isn’t the case fatality rate: it’s the infection fatality rate
Before we look at what the CFR does tell us about the mortality risk, it is helpful to see what it doesn’t.

Remember the question we asked at the beginning: if someone is infected with COVID-19, how likely is it that they will die? The answer to that question is captured by the infection fatality rate, or IFR.

The IFR is the number of deaths from a disease divided by the total number of cases. If 10 people die of the disease, and 500 actually have it, then the IFR is [10 / 500], or 2%.3,4,5,6,7

To work out the IFR, we need two numbers: the total number of cases and the total number of deaths.

However, as we explain here, the total number of cases of COVID-19 is not known. That’s partly because not everyone with COVID-19 is tested.8,9

We may be able to estimate the total number of cases and use it to calculate the IFR – and researchers do this. But the total number of cases is not known, so the IFR cannot be accurately calculated. And, despite what some media reports imply, the CFR is not the same as – or, probably, even similar to – the IFR. Next, we’ll discuss why."

So, the only way we can know is by testing all, which is impractical, to get the IFR figure. We must also take into account the disastrous decision to move elderly covid patients into care facilities in places like Italy and NY. A large percentage of the fatalities.

I'm not downplaying the seriousness of it at all, and it feels weird supporting a statement Trump made. I assure you he said it to downplay in his vain, self serving psyco way whereas I'm saying that we won't know till it's over with my feeling being it is no Spanish flu as it seems to hit elderly and those with pre-existing conditions far harder than under forties (remember in biology: the golden rule is there is always an exception to the golden rule ie young will die, but no where near as much). The Spanish Flu also took the most fit and healthy and was indiscriminate, unlike Covid 19 which affects the already vulnerable most severely.

@powder From the origin to the true number of deaths via numbers infected together with governmental response the sad lethal C19 saga is strewn with smoke and mirrors.

@FrayedBear the longer it goes on, have to agree with you

@powder Lifespan - quite probably the same as our remaining lifespans! Not an enviable prognosis and one likely to lead to mass suicide & increased failure to not succumb to C19 virus when infected.
The world is led by politicians having brains devoid of new thought which results in bankrupt ideas & the pursuit of proven failed responses & lifestyles for all but the citizens from renta crowd.

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