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there is a certain truth here

bookofmorons 8 Aug 8
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Joke''s on you because this is a strategic move. She'll spend years trying to decide therefore delaying execution.

HannaYou Level 6 Aug 8, 2020

while she nibbles on my fries . . . the ones she didn't want LOL


Naaaa, for me is the opposite. I am the one asking what he wants to eat and the answer back is 'I don't know, what do you want?'

Zoohome Level 8 Aug 8, 2020

Give them a meal and they call it a date....


There's a new menu item you need to look out for, it's called my date's not hungry prices vary, but it adds an extra order of fries and 3 onion rings to your order.

glennlab Level 9 Aug 8, 2020
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