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Always read the fine print (may appear to be random chance)

OldMetalHead 8 Sep 27
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After the last 5 exhausting Years, I know why it works .

GEGR Level 7 Sep 28, 2020

Who ever thought that up is a genius.

freedom41 Level 8 Sep 27, 2020

People who believe shit like this believe they will win the Publisher's Crapping House Sweepstakes... Since the odds of winning are about 6,000 times lower than winning the Powerball jackpot those people should be considered mentally ill...


the body (church/preacher) issuing this ticket assumes no responsibility for claims that are in fact bogus and have no chance of actually happening


ROFL "mysterious ways clause" HA HA!!!

scurry Level 8 Sep 27, 2020

Ra'men.... Wheeee ☺

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