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I just don't care for glass or goatheads stuck in my feet

zorialoki 8 June 29
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I often drive barefoot. I think it is dangerous to drive in flipflops.

thislife Level 7 June 29, 2018

Ugh!!! Goatheads!

Definitely not one of my faves either

@zorialoki unfortunately my yard is covered with them! Can't wait to hire a great yard worker to get rid of them!

@MichelleGar1 Unfortunately even when the plants go goatheads remain on the ground and it takes a long time of walking on it with shoes to pick up those

@zorialoki true! Lol


"Ground Bees" my sister stepped on a nest barefoot as a kid. She's now a bit phobic.

RavenCT Level 9 June 29, 2018

At least she didn't end up with bees in her bonnet


I'll keep my shoes on, thank you.

KKGator Level 9 June 29, 2018

I wear boots, I don't like shoes or taking chances


I always walk into stores barefoot in the summer and no one has called me on it yet! Even with the signs. 🙂

SukiSue Level 8 June 29, 2018

I think the signs are more to avoid litigation than a health code violation. How easy it would be to sue a store from stepping on glass, lego's, or other crap on the floor


I'm willing to bet they haven't had to cross an Austin Texas parking lot in August, or shovel a NE Ohio driveway in January.

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