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Safety First!

Paul4747 8 July 9
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Reminds me of a friend that shoots pop roman candles from his hand, and checks a few seconds after the last shot to see if it is out. Stares down the barrel to see if it's out. Did that many times on the 4th. I told him I was not going to take him to the ER. He said well you need to count the shots. If it's out... Another time I had an officer that had a complaint about a bonfire I had. No city ordinance against it. Saw I had a bowie knife on me. Asked if I had a bear problem (you gotta be one bad SOB to take out a bear). I asked if he wanted to see it. He looked at it and tested it for sharpness. He cut his finger.

Oh ffs


That would hurt especially if you didn’t die. Best places are inside the mouth or right below the jaw pointing toward the brain with safety off, of course.

Wouldn’t want to look like an idiot when making such a demonstration.

Vipyr82 Level 7 July 9, 2018

Okay, thanks for the advice! Lol


Well, if she's trying to off herself, the ear protection seems ludicrous. If not, Darwin knew what he was saying! Either way, good riddance!

phxbillcee Level 9 July 9, 2018


Kojaksmom Level 8 July 9, 2018

No product placing here!

@SACatWalker Look again, that's a "she" 😀
Japanese animation...

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