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For the last time....... go the fuck to sleep

zorialoki 8 Oct 2
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If and when you hear a bunch of random babbling with an English accent, then hide.


I read that Ozzy claimed that he didn't know the bat was real, and that it was thrown on to the stage and thinking it was a toy, he grabbed it and bit its head off as a joke.

Of course, at the time I thought that was the most pathetic excuse for an excuse I'd ever heard. Who the fuck would be that stupid. Now after having seen tv interviews he's done and watching bits and pieces of his shows, I think he may be that stupid.

But damn it, he can sing.

JimG Level 8 Oct 2, 2018

Or on drugs

@zorialoki and on drugs. 🙂


An understandable fear. Hell, that would even scare me!!!


Even if he was, he'd forget why in the fuck he was in the coset in the first place! SHARRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNN!



Insectra Level 8 Oct 2, 2018
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