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But I want that one, it is the best

zorialoki 8 Oct 8
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The one behind the couch has dustbunnies and crumbs therefore tastes way better. Same logic as toddlers eating week old French fries.?

nikkir Level 7 Oct 8, 2018

My dogs have given up on toys because I have a bully that always has to have them all the time

@zorialoki well you should really stop taking the toys then ?

@nikkir It is Loki, he is the mean bean

@zorialoki how many do you have?

@nikkir I have four dogs and tons of toys and tennis balls, volley balls, kick balls, you name it

@zorialoki I have a cat. She a bitch but I know I am her hooman slave. ?

@nikkir Always


It has the slobber from my rawhide chew on it!

Most of my dogs don't like rawhide chews, I have no idea why. They love beef knuckles when I can find them, but rawhide is a waste of money

@zorialoki Feel free to substitute 'beef knuckles' in the above!

@phxbillcee They can eat rawhide in the house, but actual bones get dropped at the door before they enter.

@zorialoki Smart, sanitary rule.

@phxbillcee I am not a fan of the smell of rotting carcasses.

@zorialoki Neither am I, that's why I have a well-ventilated basement!!!