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Well i am no grammer or spelling Nazi for sure but...

By Wendiw7
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Spell check is my friend

coralisthree Level 8 Oct 26, 2018

I use Grammarly!

For years I told my boss he could get rid of my secretary when I got a typewriter that could spell.

I would not be able to communicate online if I didn't have it. So grateful.


That is overly eye flashing for many of us

zorialoki Level 8 Oct 26, 2018


Umbral Level 8 Oct 26, 2018

Some grammar nazis can be fun, tho...

phxbillcee Level 9 Oct 26, 2018

That me!

Chris443 Level 5 Oct 26, 2018

I wasn't sure of the spelling as well, thanks for the illumination.

dartagnan6666 Level 7 Oct 26, 2018

Where is the Spell Nazi when you need them.

Eirteacher Level 7 Oct 26, 2018

Spelt chek woks gud

Cutiebeauty Level 9 Oct 26, 2018
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