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Not strictly a meme...but....just another crazy day in a crazy world....

Freespirit64 8 Dec 10
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I cook with my bare hands, as do most of us who aren't in Food Service. There's a sink & soap right there! I mix up my meat loaf with my bare hands (& then go freak-out my Mom before I wash them!) I trim chicken breasts bare-handed, & then wash my hands & the cutting board!
Twitter is fuckin' weird!!!

phxbillcee Level 9 Dec 10, 2018

Just those headlines..


Someone actually eats Sonic's fake ass, too expensive burgers?

Captnron59 Level 9 Dec 10, 2018

Not too expensive if you're getting Ecstacy in every bite!

@phxbillcee that shits overrated... shrooms for me.

@Captnron59 I've never done ecstasy. But mushrooms are sublime...

@Freespirit64 street x comes in two forms... made with meth, or made with heroin... they say the heroin is better, I've only done the meth one and it was too short lived. Over in two hours.


Yeah. Chrissy is crazy!! Now pass me the drugs.

Right. And the value of the pill is 4 times that burger, if you are lucky. I want onion rings.


Glad I don't eat at Sonic.

Taladad Level 8 Dec 10, 2018
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