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Time for another Trump meme collage

Rudy1962 9 Jan 6
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Good bunch!


Sorry guys. I have to say my piece. While I am not necessarily a fan of Trump, I AM a fan of the Presidency! Other countries see us making fun of our president and they think We are the ones that are stupid fools...not him. I prefer not to make our country look bad. I love memes. I join you in being atheist/agnostic, but bashing the President just isn’t cool. The division in this country isn’t is us. Okay. I have said my piece. I’ll go back to my corner and keep quiet...???

Of course I disagree completely with that. Other countries see what a buffon he is. IMHO

@Rudy1962 No problem. Glad you guys allowed me to vent! It’s all good.?

@EyesThatSmile Unfortunately, tRump helps widen that divide with just about every tweet, every lie & every heartless, feckless decision he makes. I would like to have respect for the Office, just not able to have that while this current buffoon resides in the WH!


Nice... Very nice...


good collection

glennlab Level 9 Jan 6, 2019

Those are great

steve148 Level 7 Jan 6, 2019

Those are good... the list goes on and on.


?? Thank you! All very funny!

MojoDave Level 9 Jan 6, 2019



never ending material - sadly

At least we can laugh as we watch our democracy crumble

@Rudy1962 or people can laugh while they take action . . . just sayin'

@bookofmoron Probably a better idea

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