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actofdog 8 Jan 23
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I only eat it on payday.


In my early days it was more Kraft Dinner, 4 or 5 for a buck. You needed milk & butter to make that, tho. With Ramen you could always steal a pack of hot dogs to go along with! Putting even a quart of milk down one's pants tended to be just a bit obvious! & the butter tended to melt!

phxbillcee Level 9 Jan 23, 2019

Truth in advertising.

glennlab Level 9 Jan 23, 2019

Been there, done that..


Ain’t that the truth!

Haemish1 Level 8 Jan 23, 2019

College days revisited.

Mokvon Level 8 Jan 23, 2019

That and KD.


Haha those are tasty snacks...

R'amen, story of my life ,lol

@actofdog I add other things to it like cheese and egg, or tuna and mayo, garlic, onions, and peppers... So many ways to eat it as a small snack....

@Cutiebeauty mmm. remember just as rewards after work out an proper diet,lol

@actofdog yes, of course lol
Occasionally only...

@Cutiebeauty I should talk,hahaha

@Cutiebeauty you sound like you've been in prison... that's called a spread

@Captnron59 huh? What's a spread?

@Cutiebeauty mixing products like tuna to ramen

@Captnron59 I never heard of that... I saw an infomercial about ramen noodles... They showed many recipes for their product... Maybe prisoners saw the same infomercial... They do watch television, right? Lol ????

@Cutiebeauty They have nothing but time.

@actofdog in Texas you have to work for good time...no pay...if you don't work they send you to adminstrative segregation where you get one hour of rec per day, and no TV, stay in a single cell.
I hate when people think that prison is just a leasure time for all. I've done about 12 years in prison altogether...three times down. Cannabis.

@Cutiebeauty the food is so bad that if you don't supplement from commissary your hungry all the time. Any protein is fair game. And if you don't have somebody sending you money then you better be able to Hussle... I spent my first four years of a seven year sentence selling cigarettes in a smoke free environment. Then my aunt heard I wasn't getting any money so she started sending me 30$ a month... I felt like a king!!

@Captnron59 I had no idea... ??

@Cutiebeauty been fighting cannabis law all my life. Plus you can make a ton of money.

@Captnron59 I've never done time but know people who have Ron, here in Canada,there is no work.They are harsh in Texas,their jails suck.Is the no smoking for punishment,because here even in jail there is no smoking anymore due to it being a government building.The military prison in Canada is harsher but even then they are better than what you describe.

I did not know the conditions.I guess many prisoners try to use the cruel and unusual punishment.Things are different here I don't know if it is better but you would think that the State would give enough food.That is messed up.They really go for punishment don't they?I get caught up in jokes and forgot you'd told me about this in the other group.

@actofdog Texas has no smoking because some dipshit sued over second hand smoke.... makes everyone meaner. They used to feed better, but Texas is broke, they slowly decreased the amount and now there is only dessert twice a week.
Texas doesn't want to parole but the feds tell them that they have to use the parole system and refuse to grant more money.
I've been in nothing but maximum security units with killers and thieves... all over cannabis.
There's no reason for cannabis possession offenders to see anything higher than minimum security...yet there I am.

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