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Ladies the line forms to the left.

Brbaldwin 6 Feb 23
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hows that workin for ya.. asshat..


You left off the bottom part of his profile, "Seeking deeply traumatized Christian woman with very low sense of self worth to do the household chores and be bullied around for the next 15 years."

MrLink Level 8 Feb 23, 2018

Does he have a sister?


Can you believe this guy is single?

phxbillcee Level 9 Feb 23, 2018

Take the snow off snow flake and there you have it.

sandyw1952 Level 6 Feb 23, 2018

Yeah,yeah. It's super funny until you get on dating sites and everyone turns out to be this guy.

...but let me tell you about my garage...

@Brbaldwin Is that where you take your dates to chop them up?

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