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Too, too true!

ninjarider1 7 Feb 1
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Great meme. Even a moderate amount of effort will put you above most others. True excellence required extraordinary effort. You decide the level you want to achieve in whatever endeavor you choose.

Boxdoc Level 7 Feb 2, 2019

Define "successful".
Too many people associate it with wealth and fame.
I measure it by how many times I can be there for people in need...not for profit, but out of empathy.
It has it's own bumps and bruises...though!

Even by that measurement, it exacts a toll. Your heart get's broken when you can't help, or you do help, and the people turn around and do something ELSE that harms their life! We can't "save" everybody, because ultimately, we all have to save ourselves.
That's all this says. WHATEVER one wants to do, there is a cost, and you HAVE to pay that cost if your goal is the top of the field. Specifically, I've known a LOT of dancers. Ballet, jazz, modern, you name it, I've met them. And this picture is actually "kind" in what it shows. A prima ballerina, while training, can BLEED from the punishment her toes endure! So many young girls START ballet training, yet how few become dancers. NOT because they can't "do it" physically, but because they aren't willing to endure the pain it takes to "toughen up" their toes, feet, and legs to reach that pinnacle. Just like a lot of guys "go to the gym", but how many become actual competitive bodybuilders? Same thing. Most are not willing to do the work required. And, honestly, for most of us, "good enough" actually IS good enough. Nothing wrong with that at all.



For real? Uhmmmm???