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How romantic!

JazznBlues 7 Feb 7
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This is where we introduce the U

Livinlife Level 9 Feb 7, 2019

Well, at this point that is a distinct possibility!


Truth be out...ouch.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Feb 7, 2019

We flirt near the line day after day in this group, inevitably missteps happen. Apologies.

Keep flirting mate. No sacred cows for comedy.

Since you didn't mean to cause consternation, & had no way of knowing, you did nothing wrong. Just an unfortunate side-effect.


trump says he is working on a cure good news

Accepts science re aids, rejects re environment.
Just like a cherry picking theist. Plus he had absolutely no role in the research.

@powder he sucks was being ironic. trying anyways

@metalhead222 I know. Others may have taken your comment as a positive.

@powder , Trump didn't know the difference between HIV and HPV. Pulled funding recently for AIDS research. Such a...I'm at a lose for words here.

@freeofgod new word. "Such a Trump"


Hahahaha how sweet,ayiiiii! Lol???


A problem shared.....

brentan Level 8 Feb 7, 2019

Not even funny.



Mokvon Level 8 Feb 7, 2019

LOVE to see a 3rd frame!

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