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I don't care for sports, so...

Xanadutoo 7 Feb 16
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This might be your type of shirt for any sport ?[teespring.com]

Sciguy7000 Level 4 Feb 16, 2019

I've never understood football. It looks like a bunch of guys trying to kill each other, to me.

altschmerz Level 9 Feb 16, 2019

You've nailed it precisely!


My brother to me: They're playing football, not baseball.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Feb 17, 2019

Yep, it's how I stop people from trying to discuss sports with me.....they'll name a team or some players and I'll quickly ask: that's football, right?

Then they find someone else to bore with it ?


Pleasant to see more of us "enthusiastics" around ?

Zoohome Level 8 Feb 17, 2019
DangerDave Level 8 Feb 17, 2019

Why don't we see the cheerleaders at half-time anymore?!?

DangerDave Level 8 Feb 16, 2019


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