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Oh boy. Now I'm just posting for the points

Rudy1962 9 Feb 17
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Me too.

glennlab Level 9 Feb 17, 2019

We are almost to level 9

@Rudy1962 It seems like it is taking forever

@glennlab Yah it does

@glennlab, @Rudy1962 If it's any consolation, you guys will reach Level 9 well before I ever reach Level 10!

@phxbillcee No consolation, I've seen a bunch of people make 8 before I make 9

@glennlab Well, yeah. Level 9 is four Level 8's! It gets more difficult the higher up the "ladder" you go. Level 10 is five Level 9's!!! I'm at 9.5 & still have two more Level 9's to go to hit Level 10!

@phxbillcee wow. I was just thinking that. Hope I make 9 before Bill reaches 10. I really was thinking that

@Rudy1962 You will.