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I'm going to ease off the posts for a while, I made level 9.

glennlab 9 Feb 18
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But will you know how to live in the real world after this? Be very careful and don't think it a failure to come back to our virtual world.

brentan Level 8 Feb 18, 2019

Good for you. I hope to be there later this century. Right now at level 7.5 .

freedom41 Level 8 Feb 18, 2019

It is a long climb, but you can do it.

@glennlab My guess would be June for level 8. There more valuable things on this website than points like friendship and knowledge.

@freedom41 I have spent time meeting people and getting to know them on and off site, you are definitely right, it is a great place to start friendships and hopefully more.

@freedom41 I probably have a lot more free time than you do being retired and on a pension.

@glennlab Most likely you do. I don't have much of a life off this site. So, that helps me with my journey on here.


Fuckin' A! Congrats, bro!

phxbillcee Level 9 Feb 18, 2019

Rudy ought to be along in a little while.

@glennlab & weren't both of you moaning just yesterday about how tough it would be to reach it?!? Just trolling for pity, right???

@phxbillcee Weather was bad and I didn't feel like going outside and sleep is way over rated.

@glennlab, @phxbillcee Agnostic just bumped my points up about 8k in one shot. I assume they were holding out on me and just caught up. I'm a thousand away now.

@Rudy1962 Any time now, then! (Dang, that sounds strange???)