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Now you know....

EricTrommater 9 Feb 21
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I have an idea
Everyone print this meme out as stickers
Then stick them up in obscure places
Let’s spread Anatideaphobia

Meh....sounds like work.


Yah they will bite your dick while you eat rice naked

Rudy1962 Level 9 Feb 21, 2019

Like any duck cares about your ass

DangerDave Level 8 Feb 21, 2019

Finally now I know it’s name it no longer holds any power over me

Wait nope still scared ?

Be very afraid.


(Looks around) Nope, only the cats.

phxbillcee Level 9 Feb 21, 2019

Fuck a duck, lol

glennlab Level 9 Feb 21, 2019
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