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EricTrommater 9 Mar 10
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But of course!

Livinlife Level 9 Mar 10, 2018

I'm seeing this as you and @phxbillcee....

Oh, yeah...

@phxbillcee I am! I am....oh man. You guys are gonna block me for this one,aren't you?

There may be some truth to that @Blindbird.

@BeeHappy that I'm a bad woman? I know,but it's so much fun!

No @Blindbird, seeing it as @EricTrommater and @phxbillcee. Lol

But being a bad girl, can be fun! Hehehe...

@BeeHappy But, but,...

Now me I'm ...

& @Blindbird is a...

Love to have a song fight!

@BeeHappy And you are also an...

@phxbillcee, is this opposites day? Lol

@phxbillcee bahahahhaha


Nah this is you for all your song & dance

@phxbillcee I quite like this as my theme song. I had no idea you'd seen me drive.

@BeeHappy I think we've scared off @EricTrommater. Poor thing.

@Blindbird, I like your choice of song for @phxbillcee. 👍👍

@Blindbird I do sometimes have to actually do work at my work..... Strange concept I know.

@EricTrommater what is this "work" you speak of? It's been so long...(like a week)

@Blindbird capitalism I know right what the fuck?


@EricTrommater I'm literally crying. This is great.

@Blindbird I figured the lyrics would speak to you.....

@EricTrommater I also have a mild Bollywood addiction,so....