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Lost without it.

By scurry8
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That reminds me that the guy who wrote the Hokey Pokey died a couple of years ago.

... everything was going fine until They tried to put him in the coffin

BudFrank Level 7 June 24, 2019

Did they not put his right leg in first?

@SiouxcitySue Exactly. They did put the right leg in first, but it came back out

@BudFrank Well maybe this is the picture of when he "shake it all about" and he's getting ready to do the Hokey Pokey. Then they can try it with the left leg.

@SiouxcitySue And in the funeral home, if a corpse starts to shake it all about, thats when you freak out

@BudFrank I'm sure that's true. unless you live in southern CA, then it may be an earthquake warning.