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Not to far from reality.

mistymoon77 9 July 2
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With his smart wife in the back.I just noticed there is a smart car and a smart phone but there is still a payphone.

actofdog Level 8 July 3, 2019

Damn AI is taking over! ðŸĪŠ

MojoDave Level 9 July 2, 2019

So this is how it begins.


If it was his smart pickup truck, he could write a country song about it

BudFrank Level 7 July 2, 2019

PU trucks are becoming like shorts....everyone's wearing 'em...

Here's my next car...and I'm a city boy...


Now he can call his car and his phone "Smart-asses"...

Robecology Level 8 July 2, 2019
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