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Hahahaha the comment!! Also, GROSS.

Kynlei 8 Oct 21
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I detest Chris Pratt.

KKGator Level 9 Oct 21, 2019


He's great in Guardians of the Galaxy, but he is kind of a tool otherwise. I used to follow him on social media until he got on some God bullshit.

@altschmerz He's just another holy roller.
Goes on about his faith whenever he sees an opportunity.

@KKGator ah. I’m glad I never pay him any mind then.

I don’t know why anybody would name their child after a fried rodent anyway

@BudFrank It took me a second, but damn that's funny!


Good one! Just eat the fried shrimp then. You can tell if somebody has gummed them to death

BudFrank Level 7 Oct 21, 2019