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Such brilliance.

Tomfoolery33 9 Oct 22
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The first word that came to mind was 'BOOB', not sure what that says about me...

scurry Level 8 Oct 22, 2019

I'm fine with that.

If the first word was booze or hooch, we'd DEFINITELY know without a doubt!



bobwjr Level 9 Oct 22, 2019

Here’s your PROOF.


Food, brood, flood, blood, hood, mood, pool, fool, drool, need I go on?

Logician Level 7 Oct 22, 2019

Just look at all the calendar ones that people actually believe.

glennlab Level 9 Oct 22, 2019


@glennlab. I don't understand that reference. Please explain?

@scurry You see them on FB things like there will be a2 full moons this month, this is the only time in the next 500 years that this will happen. This December has 5 mondays and 5 sundays, this is the first time in 1000 year that this has happened and won't happen again until 2455, things like that.

@glennlab oh, I see. Thanks. 🙂


I weep for our education system.

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