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I'm going to stay away from posting political memes, at least for now. and I will mostly post funny memes, we all need as much funny as we can get these days to counter the onslaught of really terrible shit going on in the world today. I WILL post a funny meme in a few minutes but I thought I'd drop this one in here also, considering the audience acceptance probability.

aintmisbehaven 7 Nov 11
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I also agree, if I want to get into a trump bashing party I'll go to that group. But I like this meme a Lot!


Got to agree with @Mistymoon77 we have several political groups, funny works much better here.

glennlab Level 9 Nov 11, 2019

Yes that is a great suggestion as this isn't a political group. Its a meme group.. there are other groups for political shit. We do need some sick twisted shit on here to give a giggle or two.