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Dinner tonight was fantastic. Suckling Spawn of Satan cooked at 666 for 4:20. I need to get the skin a bit more crispy and add just a touch more pepper. Seared over the souls of the damned.

Lizard_of_Ahaz 8 Nov 11
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Nothing better than bbq demon-spawn!


I like my demon skinless.

Bikes4Fish Level 7 Nov 12, 2019

Still undecided about what to serve this Christmas? Well may we suggest Spawn of Satan


Farm raised or commercial?


That is truly an unappetizing photo, not to mention the description.

Tastes a lot like chicken....

@Lizard_of_Ahaz So does guinea pig but I rarely see it on the menu, either.

@SiouxcitySue I found this about an hour ago and haven't stopped laughing since...

@SiouxcitySue Cusco, Peru every resturant.

@glennlab I had guinea pig in Ecuador but we were camping in the jungle and it was a break from Piranha. Didn't get to Peru, (border war at that time).

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