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Ask the god fairy!

brianinmaine 4 Dec 12
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Here's a thought to ponder, if your head doesn't explode with the facts too quickly. Before we had all of these crazy as eff anti-gun laws and the schools were places where the children actually LEARNED something useful, we didn't have all of these shootings!! How about we go back to the way things were then? In Baltimore, there are more children who are far BELOW the minimum achievement levels for each grade than there are above it!! Oh, but the "schools" are doing such a wonderful job for the parents!! Barf.
To everyone who is anti-gun, I dare you to put up a big sign in your front yard telling the world that yours is a gun free home!!

Logician Level 7 Dec 12, 2019

Great idea! Actually, I OWN a couple of handguns and a streetsweeper ... but I put up a "gun free home" sign in the yard for fun, and just chillin' & waiting for the shenanigans to begin ... 🤣


Yeah, but if you then shoot someone who has broken into your home, some maggot LIEyer will try to sue you for making a false statement of facts. He/she will claim that you ENTICED the client into breaking into your home by making it look like it was an easy target, when in fact it wasn't. Then some fake judge will agree and find you guilty. And THAT is a summation of the state of the legal system today! So the moral of the sad story is to always, Always, ALWAYS demand proof of claim from the prostituting attorney, that they actually have any evidence that supports their contention that you are subject to the law(s) that he/she is trying to hold you accountable to! If they have no such evidence, then they have no case and cannot proceed any further.
The legal system is nothing more than a huge scam that is being run on us all. Prove me wrong, if you can!!



Even if there is some kind of god out there, whatever it is doesn't intervene in what's going on here.

brentan Level 8 Dec 12, 2019

Seems clear enough to me.

scurry Level 8 Dec 12, 2019