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Is it just me, or is there a Huge reduction in contributions to this group as of late?
(both posts and comments.)
What's going on with that?? Why have things changed??

scurry 8 Feb 19
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Maybe people are just getting acclimated to the site redesign? I stopped visiting groups for awhile until Admin put the "next post" button back, since it was too hard for me to navigate the site otherwise.

altschmerz Level 9 Feb 20, 2020

Ya, I also noticed that there's no more "next post" button.
Does make for a more cumbersome tour of the garden, so to speak.
I thought they already had all that sorted out; Next Button = Good, No Button = Bad.
There doesn't seem to be anyone looking to explain the changes either.
I've tagged @Admin on a few posts in the Senate, but no reply.

@scurry I think he’s retooling the whole site and things are a little glitchy, but will be fixed soon.

@altschmerz Hope so. πŸ™‚ Would like it to be 'fixed'. I do like the site.


I just do not think about posting it here. Usually other groups are more relevant for my posts. It would be nice if one could choose to post in more than one group at a time.

ToolGuy Level 8 Feb 20, 2020
Rudy1962 Level 9 Feb 20, 2020

I've noticed it too. I slowed down some because I was spending too much of my time on line, but surely that's not the reason so many other people have stopped contributing.


I see the same thing. It appears some people have gotten too sensitive to take a joke and others are afraid to post for fear of offending.

glennlab Level 9 Feb 19, 2020

I think there's some of that, but a lot of people seem to have left the site altogether, and I don't think it's for those reasons.

@glennlab @Tomfoolery33 I would agree. Sure, some folks are hesitant to post, but...
Even I haven't posted as much as I used to and it's because I can't take a joke.
The format has become too cumbersome and not very predictable or reliable.
It's very frustrating. This site was once a haven away from the crap of the every-day-world, but it's turning into something else... something that I don't think I'm going to stay for. 😟

@scurry Oh darn.


I got you a gift scurry,I can't tell you what it is,it's a surprise.

actofdog Level 8 Feb 19, 2020

Hmmm... Wonder what it could be. LOL

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