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This self isolation could get to be a problem.

Haemish1 8 Mar 27
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And still 6 hours for breaking the dildo in!


Major tragedy. I haven’t checked our local stay at home rules to see if sex toy shops are exempt. Definitely need to verify.

BudFrank Level 7 Mar 27, 2020

@BudFrank Good question! It can be essential due to unwanted pregnancies happening because of the quarantine! Safe sex, isolation and mental health! I would say yes! They're essential!

@MichelleGar1 I know the South Carolina governor specifically mentioned ABC (state-run liquor) stores as being essential. I don’t know how this can be less essential

@BudFrank Had to look up what ABC stores are since we don't have any where I live. Interesting, they sell products from Hawaii, makes sense to keep them open. Keep people happy and able to get products that they can't get at other stores.



Or this

@Haemish1 This too! Lol

I hate it when that happens!