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Hail cthulu Jepsen

idlopalev 7 Apr 2
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This is so funny!

Livinlife Level 9 Apr 2, 2018

I have a t-shirt, which funny enough I was wearing today: CTHULHU 2016 - (& under his picture) - "Why Vote For A Lesser Evil?"

I need to get one of those

@Blindbird 6 dollar t-shirts I think is the site. Buy 10 & it's only $5 each!

@phxbillcee on it

Ha! I would love that

@Livinlife They have a hell of a collection in all sorts of categories, & for $6 the quality is not bad.




After a day of arguing with men who totally arent sexist, I welcome the return of Cthulu.

@idlopalev boy I hope so. Putting my status back as "here for community" I'm so traumatised.

@Blindbird Tell me who picked on you! I'll get 'em! I'll ask them how they actually managed to do it first, but then I'll get 'em!

@idlopalev that bad. No thanks it wouldn't change anything.

@phxbillcee triggered by sexism Bill, triggered by sexism.

@Blindbird I'm not sexist, I hate everybody! & I'm sorry you got shit. Don't ever change, especially not because of assholes!

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