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And Spiderman has better super powers....

SkotlandSkye 8 Apr 3
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Proof that silicone exists? (& I'm just joking. I have it on very good authority that all these lovelies are 100% real!)

Definitely pre-silicone.

@RavenCT Yeah, at one time you could be sure, not like most guys care!

Ok but I've got to say I really like the style of these.(except the one with the blonde, thats just blah)

@Blindbird yeah, I really like the, uh,, too!

@phxbillcee lol. I bet.

How the hell did this become about boobs?

@SkotlandSkye with Bill,it's always about boobs.


He couldn't save Gwen Stacy......

neither could "god"

@SkotlandSkye Somehow Spider-Man was able to stave off the cancer from the radioactive spider.