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With potty training, we wait for the child to reach a certain level of maturity and comprehension before you start...
'nuff said.

scurry 8 Jan 26
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"You would think this is the Black Plague. In 1918, with the Spanish flu, the death toll was about 50 million. However, the population was 1.6 billion. That worked out to 3.125%. The total current world population is about 7.8 billion, which means even a death count of 2 million is only 0.0002564%. The data is by no means justifiable to destroy the world economy and eliminate all our freedoms." []

bbyrd009 Level 7 Jan 31, 2021

And yet, with all of our medical advancements, so many still can't figure out how to where a mask.

@scurry well, so wadr we are not even having a conversation eh? With a fatality rate of currently .0002%, you are going to keep wearing a mask? ok

@bbyrd009 Where I live, we are still required to where a mask when shopping or out in public where we can't keep our distance. So, yes, I'm going to keep warring a mask when I do those things.
Plus, there's a lot more to consider than just fatality rates. Some folks who get Covid but don't die, end up having other persistent issues and/or organ damage, even if they recover from Covid.
So... Ya, I'm going to keep wearing a mask.

@scurry ok, but fwiw no one can "require" you to wear a mask...and i hear that two masks are recommended now? Bro you know like 50,000 children die, every day? Are you really buying a "pandemic" with a like a .0002% fatality rate, and population still rising?

@bbyrd009 You do whatever gets you through the day...

@scurry ha thot all you guys were so in love with facts?


ha but a bit more time to indoctrinate a population, i guess. Covid has been over in China for like 9 months now, restaurants full, theaters open, no masks, etc

bbyrd009 Level 7 Jan 27, 2021

:crickets gee surprise


my glasses fog up

I prefer social distancing anyway.

My glasses fog up too, PITA

@altschmerz if you pinch that little wire inside more tightly to your nose,they will Not fog...that's what it's there for! Do you think surgeons can have their glasses fogging?!

@AnneWimsey not all masks have that little wire. Many cloth mask, either home made it store bought, for example. The trick is to find a mask that fits properly and works for the individual.

@AnneWimsey what scurry said, I mostly wear cloth masks.

@altschmerz the blue paper ones are far more protective, unless there are paper filters inside the cloth...once the cloth gets damp from your breath, it offers very little of a barrier either in or out. You can easily see this in your washing machine...dry cloth of any kind takes a bit of swishing around together & to let water (vapor droplets) through...wet cloth gets wet imediately!

@AnneWimsey N95 or KN95 masks are the ones that protect... Masks in general are to HELP PREVENT THE SPREAD ONLY. Even with an N95 mask you still run the chance of being infected trough having your eyes exposed the real problem with antimaskers is that once infected they spread COVID 10 to others. I don't care if those get sick and die that is on them I just don't need some asshole jackass getting me sick. If that sounds "heartless" it really isn't it was there decision to get sick hanging out with other morons who believe in White Jebus who never existed but think the virus is just a conspiracy to make them cover their butt ugly faces...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz hey, 99.9% survival rate so far, even in the US. Your immunity should be up to that?

@bbyrd009 Actually right now the of death is 1.8% but the ICUs are now at full capacity. From this point on the death will start to climb because people will just keep dying without a place to treat them. Of course this is only the ADMITTED of death the actual one according to studies is 31% higher than the admitted that to the GOP trying to politicise the Pandemic hiding the real death . Putting this into real solid numbers means that instead of the 437,000 deaths from COVID the real number is around 573,000 dead... Your number of 1 in every thousand residents is based on total population when less that 4% have even been tested positive with a result of either dying or recovering which would be your way of saying that the of death is over 3% and closer to 4% or less than 97% survival ...
This is a simple calculation that can be done anyone who is capable of doing math at a school level...

@AnneWimsey well now that they're saying you should wear two masks, I guess I'll wear the disposable one under the cloth. And yeah my mask is always wet when I wear it for more than 10 minutes, especially if I'm going for a walk in the park (I wear it if there are a lot of people are around).

@AnneWimsey Thanks for the mask tip. A couple of weeks ago, there was one case of covid where I live, and it happened to be the more dangerous strain from UK. We had to wear masks for 3 days. It seemed like forever at the time! So pleased we are back to normal now. Very sorry to hear how devastating Covid has hit USA and other parts of the world. Stay safe.

man, you guys do what you want ok, but i suggest that you are participating in your own demise with this healthy-ppl-wearing-masks stuff. Best of luck to you all tho

@Lizard_of_Ahaz "Actually right now the of death is 1.8% but the ICUs are now at full capacity. From this point on the death will start to climb because people will just keep dying..."
horse shit. 350k is .1% of 350 million right
and 350k is prolly even crap, as our hospitals are getting paid to diagnose everything as c19.

and they are closing c19 quarantine centers left and right, near as i can tell
denvers just closed, hospitals all below 50%
but then you are a gnostic, so i guess you can't even hear me
good luck to you ok

@bbyrd009 So you admit you are making shit up as you go along?... The actual of recorded deaths COVID is 4400+ at this time and no hospital is "being to make up to diagnose everything as COVID that was just another lie Trump and Qanon... No COVID wards are being closed as you claim and the ICU wards are over capacity at this time. All your information is conspiracy theorist bullshit until you can cite reputable sources for your lies... Of course you will never be able to do that because you don't have any... As for my sources they have been available for months now you just belong to a religious death cult and are too foolish to see it...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz there are now thousands of qualified MDs who are not scared of the AMA that would suggest differently...but why bother for a gnostic? Best of luck to you ok

yes, covid wards are being closed, saw one in the paper yesterday, denver
i work in a "red zone," Pitkin county, hospital less than half full, covid ward decommissioned. Maybe youre just into apocalyptic news?


@Lizard_of_Ahaz why are gnostics always such dicks about everything? You know you're a closet fundie right, "its like this and like that and like this" lol, as if you know? ok then, bye

@Lizard_of_Ahaz "Actually..."

haven't found that dunning-kruger thing yet i guess huh

@bbyrd009 Maybe you can't find it because you are a victim of it...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz ha, maybe, yeh
have a nice eve

@Lizard_of_Ahaz "You would think this is the Black Plague. In 1918, with the Spanish flu, the death toll was about 50 million. However, the population was 1.6 billion. That worked out to 3.125%. The total current world population is about 7.8 billion, which means even a death count of 2 million is only 0.0002564%. The data is by no means justifiable to destroy the world economy and eliminate all our freedoms." []

@bbyrd009 You're ignorance is astounding we are already over 700,000 dead with less than 17 million closed cases in the US alone...and 2,347,000+ deaths world wide... Unless we get things under control very quickly the US will pass the number of deaths by population in this country that the Spanish flu caused... Probably no later than July...
Some states are nearing .03% of their population dead and the pace is accelerating because dumbasses won't wear masks even though the ICUs are over capacity already.... In addition to all that immunity only lasts a few months so unlike the Spanish flu you can catch this one over and over until it does kill you...

@bbyrd009 Also there are errors in the figures you are using most likely intentional...
Estimates suggest that the world population in 1918 was 1.8 billion. Based on this, the low estimate of 17.4 million deaths by Spreeuwenberg et al. (2018) implies that the Spanish flu killed almost 1% (0.95%) of the world population.Mar 4, 2020

The Spanish flu (1918-20): The global impact of the largest ... › spanish-flu-largest-influenza-pande..

@Lizard_of_Ahaz so wadr, and all the rhetoric aside, you have already gone from like 3% to .03% eh? And fwiw idk, but i doubt any errors were intentional, the guy would get roasted up here, although maybe he should have quoted his sources im sure he just chose diff ones than you are; i would ask what is the material difference in your arguments? Btw its something i read in the paper, shred away ok, idc.

but may i suggest that something is going to kill each and every one of us, only now we are just focusing on and labeling one of the things? You are a collection of viruses, and one of them is eventually going to kill you maybe, sure Liz, but meanwhile 50,000 children died yesterday lol, i mean pls?

@bbyrd009 That was a really stupid thing to say because you know for a FACT that it not only is untrue but it is not what I said... Right now the death to recovery rate is at 3% total and had lowered to 1.8% bringing the numbers down from over 10%... Since Trump told the pharmaceutical companies not to supply more vaccine after the first and completely insufficient first orer which he never made any plans to distribute we don't have enough to slow the spread of the pandemic or lower the death rate. Since the ICUs are now full people with sever cases that could have survived now won't because stupid people refuse to take precautions like wearing a mask and social distancing which if done from the start would have prevented the pandemic from really getting started.... Six states are already past 1 in every 500 dead and 4 more are close to that number of dead with less than 5% of the population being considered as "closed cases and less than 10% being admitted to have been infected. The admitted number of dead in this country is already at .0135% but the real number is over 30% higher because redstates are faking the real numbers.
If things continue at this rate we are looking at more than 1,000,000 dead by July which will mean more than one in every 320 people will be dead in the USA. a far higher rate than the Spanish flu will be the result of all this because it won't be earlier than January of 2022 until there is enough vaccine to handle the entire population... By July first we are looking at .32% of the entire population dead but by January the numbers could be as high as 1% even if we don't see an increase in the curve which is very unlikely. Because of the stupidity of the "freedum" crowd I estimate we will be far more likely to see 2 to 3% of the people in this country dead before the pandemic ends and another 5 to 7% permanently disabled...
Since the population is 320 million even 2% is 2,600,000 dead... Studies are showing we have already passed the 600,000 mark and the rate of deaths is increasing.

@Lizard_of_Ahaz ok, ty

"The admitted number of dead in this country is already at .0135%"
so now you're down to
the truth always comes out some kinda way, huh?
may i ask how this virus has affected you, personally? Anyone in your circle died yet? ty

bc i don't know ok, but i suggest that all that "studies by thieves" and the "here's what it would look like if everyone died tomorrow" yack is a handy cover for stealing all the $Trillions, Liz

@bbyrd009 So Harvard University and other credible sources are to your mind "thieves" but the people who have robbed this country of trillions are ok?...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz i would consider Harvard complicit, but again i really don't know any more than you do Liz, which is whatever we are told, basically? You need a cute meme to make you feel better about your position, fine

@Lizard_of_Ahaz 2million/7 billion is just math, Liz?
and my apologies for earlier ok, im apparently not immune yet myself lol

@bbyrd009 Apparently not since the 2.6 million is a low estimate on how many will die in the US alone...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz ha cmon Liz, so all they gotta do is wait for 2.6 mil to die however, and then you are vindicated? I mean why not deal with the facts on the ground, today, etc bro; 2 million have died out of 7 billion, pretty inescapable

i mean you do understand that that would need to happen like today in order to get our fatality rate all the way up to something like an annual .007% right, 2.6/350

@bbyrd009 So what you claim is that because the world death count is lower on the average than the US death count we should ignore precautions that most countries are using to keep their death count down?... What an amazingly stupid thesis you should like a Christian....
I think today's GOP is a death cult and you as every other member of that death cult should be subject to heavy fines and time in jail every time you violate common-sense restrictions that prevent the spread of the virus. I also think any future attempts at preparedness for the next pandemic should be held exempt from tampering by anyone including an elected president on pain of being charged with treason. We need an end to the policy of holding presidents and members of congress unaccountable for their crimes while they hold office. If someone in congress or the executive branch commits a crime the FBI should arrest them and the judicial branch should start the trial without delay. Once convicted they should be treated like any other felon or terrorist depending on the charges they were convicted of. If that were the case I sincerely doubt there would be as many as 25 Republicans left in congress right now...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz "So what you claim is that because the world death count is lower on the average than the US death count we should ignore precautions that most countries are using to keep their death count down?"
well Liz i mean you are certainly free to draw whatever conclusions you like from that; my understanding is that in China covid is over, and has been for months, restaurants full, no masks, etc? And again i would highly suspect any stats coming out of the US or UK, specifically, but you don't have to i guess. The math seems pretty unavoidable tho?

@bbyrd009 I understand that there are many people who simply don't care about the Venezuela crisis, starving Africans, war torn countries like Syria and Afghanistan. Hell, some people don't care about those in their own country who are homeless. And there are those that don't give a flying fuck about the 2.24 million that have died and continue to die from Covid. One can't help a lack of empathy. But I have to ask Are the hospitals and mortuaries able to cope with the sick, dying, and the dead in the US? In Australia, we have had strict lockdowns to manage the spread and so our free hospital system can manage those that are infected. It's a small price to pay if one is a humanist.

@MsDemeanour its isnt that i don't care Ms, but i suggest that we are focused on a virus that is producing statistically insignificant fatalities, while like 50,000 children die every day--for example--or, who has stats on suicide rates, now? So i def at least sympathize with those who have succumbed to c19, but my point is more like why are we focusing on this demonstrably insignificant boogeyman, and at what expense? Bc 2.24 million divided by 7.8 billion reveals, basically, an amazing sales job, imo. What are we being diverted from, do you think?


Stealing this so I can put it on a tee shirt...

a wife-beater, surely 😀

@bbyrd009 No unlike you my parents weren't brother and sister...

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