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Heh. 😂😂😂

SkotlandSkye 8 Apr 21
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I don't get it.

SonderOpia Level 8 Apr 21, 2018

It's ok...not everyone will.
Just dark humor over a death yesterday.

@SkotlandSkye He was only 28, wasn't he? Sucker had to have consumed mass quantities to screw up his body so badly in such a short time!

@SkotlandSkye I think that's sad.

More than 150 BILLION innocent animals are slaughtered every year when they don't have to be....now that is truly sad. A guy dying because he chose to drink too much alcohol? That's just dumb. Let's give him a Darwin Award.

@SkotlandSkye yes but he might have been mentally ill. You never know.


Happened too me, twice!! No shit!

Coldo Level 8 Apr 21, 2018