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And to spoil the 'Rock' Memes I just posted!!!

phxbillcee 9 Apr 26
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You're totally a rockstar.

& an Agnostics.com demi-god!

@phxbillcee and so humble 😉

@Blindbird thank you for noticing! You may kiss the ring, now. (Yeah, I know, & I can kiss your ass! Beat you to it!)

@phxbillcee ha! You'd like that!

@Blindbird Why yes, yes I would!


Story of my life. Somebody save me...


We can hang with the best of them. That's all that matters. Give it our best shot. Some days I can party like a rock start, other days, more like laying around like a rock.


You are to me!

You only say that 'cause I'm Level 9, now!

@phxbillcee well.....yeah!

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